We know dealing with any customer service can be a nightmare these days, but not with us. We are deeply committed to our client needs daily and have all service items taken care of before we shut down for the day. We have email, text, video, everyone has our cell numbers, and we have an after-hours attendant that gets messages to our team right away. Unless we are asleep, you'll reach us.

Beyond servicing, we have a team that knows what we are doing. Have been in the industry since 1998. Knows what coverage you need and what to look for. We are a professional licensed team who takes insurance as seriously as we take our insured's pricing.

I decided to write about it because, I know we are a rare breed in this day and age. We keep it simple, good service, good products, good manners. It matters. Trust us. Be with a company that still cares like that, and we'll keep you up to date on the industry. New products. What to know and why. We won't accept less of ourselves because of our clients. We keep changing to keep the pace and add new carriers all the time. We insure and protect families and businesses and that is huge to us.

We may be a nerd herd, but we are good at what we do and have amazing people to do it for. And we think you'll appreciate your relationship with our agency. Old school meets new school.

That's who we are.

Heather Harris


Brookson Insurance LLC

Heather Harris

Heather Harris

I’m Heather Gibson Harris, owner of Brookson Insurance, which I started in 2009 after a career as a claims adjuster for personal home and commercial insureds. My career has been my passion for many years, especially my time in catastrophe claim work.

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