personal insurance

personal insurance Personal

Everyone has different needs when it comes to personal insurance. We offer auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance, life insurance, umbrella policies and more. As an independent agency, we work with many carriers and can match you to the one who makes the most sense for you. We proudly help people save money on their insurance while offering great customer service. Request a quote today to see how we can help you!

business insurance

business insurance Business

When you build a business, it's important that you protect yourself and your assets. Every business is different and has different insurance needs. We'll take the time to get to know you and recommend products specific to your needs. We offer general liability, workman's compensation, umbrella policies, commercial auto, and more through a variety of carriers. Contact us today so that we can help you get the right coverage for you and your business!

specialty insurance

specialty insurance Specialty

Need Pet Insurance? How about a Home Warranty? Have a new teen driver? Contact us to discuss your unique needs and find out what options are available to help you save on your insurance.

home insurance HOME Insurance

Your traditional home policy provides coverage for your main dwelling, other structures like fences and decks or storage sheds, and personal property. You also have personal liability for those things that may happen that are not auto related that you are legally liable for. You also have some medical payments just like you find on the auto policy should someone have a slip and fall on your property; they can seek immediate care. Each carrier offers a little something different. Better roof replacement coverage, or endorsements like jewelry, and deductible options to keep your pricing where you need it. Often people overlook the additional needs they have. For instance, if you have a basement you should be carrying some sewer, drain, sump failure coverage because none of those are covered under your base homeowner’s policy.

Fireplace? Pool? Animals? Collections? Guns? Jewelry? Earthquake? All the above you should discuss with your agent. Insurance, just like everything else in life has its limitations and exclusions. Have a discussion with your agent about your needs and do not overlook the things you’ve worked so hard to have. To me, it’s where the rubber meets the road. Those things you are worried about losing or being damaged we need to know about those things too so we can better insure your things to get the maximum benefit from your insurance policy.

auto insurance Auto Insurance

Your traditional auto policy provides you with bodily injury liability for bodily injury you may cause to someone else and any passengers in your car. Property damage liability is to cover property damage you may cause with your car. Uninsured / Underinsured motorist coverage is in case you are hit by someone who is either uninsured or underinsured. In that case (if you can prove the driver was uninsured) your insurance will step in and act as the coverage the uninsured motorist should have had. This includes uninsured / underinsured property damage to your car. You have medical payments for emergent care immediately after an accident for you and your passengers. You can choose to add comprehensive (other than collision) or Collision (you hit someone or something with your car) roadside, towing, rental car, new car replacement, zero glass deductibles, or diminishing deductibles can also be added to round out your auto policy. This policy is intended for road ready vehicles, cars, trucks, vans, and trailers.

auto insurance Umbrella Insurance

this protection is an additional coverage blanket that lies over your auto and home policy for extended liability protection. For instance, you have an accident and there is a fatality, you could end up owing over the limits you have on your auto policy. Now, sit with that just a moment. If you have $100,000 per person liability limit on your policy and the person you hit dies would that even plausibly sound like enough to pay on the loss of a human life? We recommend umbrella for our clients for this very reason, most people will end up in lawsuit and these days it doesn’t take a large loss for that to happen. Umbrella policies start at a limit of $1,000,000 additional liability protection and on average the out-of-pocket cost to add that million is $240 per year. For around $20 per month, you can buy an extra million in liability coverage to make sure you have enough to prevent the court from coming after your personal assets.

auto insurance Renter's/Tenant Insurance

this coverage is a standard requirement for many landlords these days. The policy will provide you with personal property for your, “stuff.” You will also receive personal liability protection which is important for your landlord and med pay for any guest liability or injury while on your rented property. It is the right protection for renter, it covers your stuff, makes sure you are insured for other people getting hurt in your space, and coverage in case you have an accident that would result in damage to the rental property.

auto insurance Condo Insurance

this coverage offers personal property coverage, liability, guest medical payments, assessment coverage, and some building coverage built in. With condo most carriers offer $5,000 or $10,000 for interior building repairs, but that often is not enough and an agent really needs to know if you have a mortgage, the building or unit value, and your covenants have you cover a certain portion of your specific condo. For instance, the covenants may side drywall in. If that is the case $5,000 in structure coverage isn’t going to go too far. Your agent should work with you to build a cost so you aren’t stuck with out-of-pocket expenses should you have a loss. Call our office to discuss the right condo plan for you.

RV insurance ATV Insurance

this coverage offers you the exact same as an auto or motorcycle policy. You would have bodily injury, property damage, medical payments, and you can add equipment as well. Recreational toys being insured is a must. The cost to insure is low and if used on public roads is a requirement. You may also ask your agent to quote an umbrella if you don’t already have one. Expanding your liability when you have an ATV is just smart and makes sure your are protected so you can have fun on your ATV.

ATV insurance RV Insurance

For all those traveler’s, retirement road warriors, we make recreational vehicles so affordable to drive. This coverage acts much like an auto policy providing you the same auto liability limit options with full coverage options just like your traditional auto policy. It also can offer personal belongings coverage, equipment, and more depending on the carrier. We have several carrier options for RV driver’s so ask your agent to quote with one of our many carriers.

auto insurance Boat Insurance

For our boat owner’s, we feel you on that freedom and as a result we made sure we had several carrier options for you to choose from. This is a liability protection for injury, or damage you may cause another boat if in an accident, as well as medical payments for emergency medical care if you do have an incident. We can write inland marine boats and ocean marine boats. So, if you are not just lake boating we have additional carriers to provide coverage for all of your boating needs. With higher boat liability exposures, full coverage for the boat, engine, and trailer, all wrapped with medical payments, and equipment coverage for speacialty items can be added. We are your one stop shop for all your boating needs.

auto insurance Life Insurance

we offer a wide variety of life insurance products for our clients. We offer personal and businesses for employee offerings or business partner buy sell agreements. With life we offer term, whole, universal, fixed annuities. We offer some plans that offer a wide variety of share between income and life insurance for those planning for retirement. Though term is our lowest cost, we offer rounded packages that have some term life insurance in combo with some whole life. Depending on your need we can build a few options for you to look at. We currently write with Erie Family Life and New York Life.

aflac insurance Aflac Insurance

we offer Aflac for individuals and families as well as for our commercial business owners. We offer accident policies, hospitalization policies, cancer policies, short term disability, critical care, group vision, group dental, Most of our product menu is for business accounts, but personal Aflac we offer include Accident Advantage plans & Cancer Protection Assurance plans. The Accident Advantage plan is essential if you have a youthful driver, or a child in sports, These benefits are the key to a well rounded approach to being protected from any financial exposure as much as possible.

auto insurance Seasonal Dwelling Insurance

we offer Aflac for individuals and families as well as for our commercial business owners. We offer accident policies, hospitalization policies, cancer policies, short term disability, critical care, group vision, group dental, Most of our product menu is for business accounts, but personal Aflac we offer include Accident Advantage plans & Cancer Protection Assurance plans. The Accident Advantage plan is essential if you have a youthful driver, or a child in sports, These benefits are the key to a well rounded approach to being protected from any financial exposure as much as possible.

flood insurance Flood Insurance

We have two flood service carriers and high risk for flood exposures. If you are not sure what flood zone you are in, or if you are just pricing out your flood insurance, it is always time to shop with flood. There are private insurer’s and FEMA policies available and it can greatly impact your pricing. If you are in a low risk flood zone you should be paying much lower rates. Give us a try when you need flood. We find the right fit for you in a highly expensive area of insurance it pays to have someone shopping for you.

landlords insurance Rental Homes Insurance

we have products for landlord’s both personal rental homes if you rent a house or a few houses as a hobby. We also have commercial options for this if you have several properties. We quote both to find the best pricing fit for your rental home. This provides slightly higher liability limits to better protect you, we insure the building, loss of use if it is damaged, and some personal property to cover your landlord appliances or any furnishings you may keep in that rental home. With tons of coverage options available our landlords programs are packed with the exact coverage you need to protect yourself as a landlord.

commercial liability insurance General Liability Insurance

Through our carrier resources we write several general liability package policies to fit the need of any business. More often than not these days insurance companies offer a robust plan for business owners that includes general lability, business personal property, and you can add your building if you own it. If you are a contractor equipment and tools can be added. There is a large variety of options out there from several carriers. Finding the most comprehensive offering is our job. And we can package this with worker’s compensation, or commercial auto to get a multi policy discount.

commercial automobile insurance Commercial Auto Insurance

we offer commercial auto through our standard carriers and we have non standard if your account has seen some bumps and bruises. We offer competitive pricing for higher limits, larger vehicles are welcome, we have rental, loss of use, towing, and much more available. Have a fleet? We can do that as well and we know we’ve got the best pricing around for fleets. Give us a try on your commercial auto.

workers compensation insurance Worker's Compensation Insurance

if you are a business who wants to insured your owners, or if you have employees and are required to carry worker’s compensation we offer WC through a variety of carriers. This assures you that you are spending the right amount on what you need and no more. Workers compensation is a product that is audited every single year, so making sure we keep up with your employee growth during your policy year matters to us. Getting stuck with a bill after the year is over is a nightmare, so we try and avoid this for our clients. We offer state required limits and higher when needed. We even have a partnership with ADP and can quote through them sometimes at a discount.

inland marine insuranceInland Marine Insurance

in the past we could add equipment to an inland marine policy, but today these are more often than not found on the business package policy. We can still offer stand alone policies for single pieces of equipment or several if you prefer, we have a carrier that will write just your equipment and nothing more. If you like keeping that separate from your business policy we’ve got you covered.

landlord properties insurance Landlord Properties Insurance

We offer commercial landlords coverage for those landlords that own commercial space they rent out, but we also offer landlord policies for rental homes. Sometimes that can be better served with rates on a personal landlord policy, so we discuss these properties to make sure we have you right where we need you. With higher liability limits to protect the landlord, coverage like loss of use, business property inside, and building coverage we an round out your package options based on your need as a landlord all while keeping an eye on your pricing.

commercial umbrella insurance Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial umbrella coverage is the most critical piece of the business insurance package. This additional liability policy protects over your commercial auto, business package, and even over your workers comp. exposures. these policies start at $1,000,000 in additional liability coverage. If you do not have enough liability protection on an underlying policy, this policy will kick in and pay the rest. Incredibly affordable, essential for a business, and just the peace of mind as a business owner that comes with knowing you are always covered no matter what is what umbrella can offer our clients.

bonds and licensing insurance Bonds

sometimes our contractors need a bond for their licensing and we offer that through Erie Insurance. We have such a wide variety of bonds, we can do notary bonds, contractors license & permit bonds, bid bonds, court bonds, estate bonds, and more. If you need a bond, chances are we have it for you. Just contact one of our agents today to find out more about bond pricing.

aflac insurance Aflac Insurance

We offer Aflac to our commercial clients which is not only for them and their families as a self employed person, but we offer to your employees which is a benefit you offer them that cots you nothing as the business owner. Aflac is also pre-tax so it reduces tax liability and is a benefit offering at the same time. These amazing benefit offerings include accident plans, cancer plans, hospital confinement plans, short-term disability plans, critical care plans, vision, dental, and life. Would you like to offer some benefits where you don’t now to your employees? Aflac is the way to go. An accident plan can also help you on your workers compensation claims. Call us today to find out more about these exciting benefits.

pet insurance Pet Insurance

We offer pet insurance through Hartville which is the largest pet insurer in the US. Hartville has preventative care for animals and traditional health coverage that acts much like your health insurance. There are plan choices with different out of pocket expenses. You ask and we’d love to quote for your fur baby. Many dogs have established breed health issues, if that is something you are concerned about pet insurance is a must. Vet bills add up quickly and can put a family in a terrible situation when the family pet becomes ill and requires treatment.

home warranty Home Warranty

We offer home warranty programs for your home you can purchase at any time, not just when you buy a house. Home warranties have just become a part of home ownership. Replacing a furnace or other mechanicals can cause a large financial event for some families. The added security of a home warranty can round out your package. Our home warranties are being provided by American Home Shield. There are options available for mechanicals only, or a more comprehensive plan that is house wide for electronics as well.

Flo by Moen Flo by Moen

The modern water detection device is here for those of you worried about water leaks in your home. One of the largest losses a homeowner can have is a water loss. Most homeowners with a basement are all too familiar with water damage from a sump failure, or drain back up, and to make matters worse that is often gray water, not clean water. Prevention is about safeguards when it comes to water leaks. Keeping an eye on your plumbing, areas that tend to be moister in the home, and in areas where water can escape that is a concern Flo can detect water before you have a major problem and some carriers even offer a discount. If water damage has happened to you in the past, or you are concerned about an area in your house call us to discuss discounts on bringing Flo by Moen into your home.

aflac insurance Aceable

We can offer driver training classes through our online vendor Aceable. A 30% discount is available for the online driver training program through our agency. We also have a driver contract for parents and youthful driver’s and starter driver handbooks. We are dedicated to assisting our clients getting their kids road ready. We also have driving apps available through most of our carriers, so you can track your teenage driver’s performance and they can even earn points to spend though some of our apps. Get on board with finding ways to make safe driving fun for you youthful driver. Learning was a phase we all went through, load up the tools and tips when your child is ready to drive off.

Medicare insurance Medicare

We offer Medicare through multiple carrier options like Humana, IU Health, Anthem, and more. Medicare supplements and all the options available are hard to understand. If you are new to Medicare and onboarding this year, call our office to schedule with one of our Medicare professionals. Or, during open enrollment schedule a time for your annual Medicare needs review.

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