Even I'm surprised you made it past the blog photo. I know life insurance is absolutely not the product you want to talk about. Hear me out. Life insurance can be tailor made to fit your financial needs. There are lower cost options. Have some is better than none for sure. And you have options you can pay up over 20 years and own the policy. When you have major life changes like a marriage, or a new baby in the home it's time to adjust your life insurance options. Starting a business? Hate to tell Ya, but you need to review life insurance needs.

I've felt the impact in my own family. Watched while insurance policies kicked in to take one pressure off of a parent with kids in college and high school. The income stops the day of the death and what does your story say from there. Couldn't help my kids pay for school? Help my spouse continue on with only one income? That kind of loss of income and debt could devastate someone who's already lost so much. It in no way is intended to replace someone, but it is a reminder they loved so much they were as prepared as they could be for the family. Some of us live long lives some of us don't. It is hedging a bet, I get that, but it is the most important bet you are ever going to make.

Buy younger you save. Go for as much term for as long as you can you save. Don't need a ton need some, got that. Want a long-term plan you can plan retirement around and start paying you back monthly at a certain age? Got that too. It's all about the plan so start one. Anyone. Just get on the path to protection and it will grow with you. Making up time, we got you there too. Call our office 317-534-5202 or fill out a quote request form on our website www.brooksoninsurance.com.

Heather Harris

Heather Harris

I’m Heather Gibson Harris, owner of Brookson Insurance, which I started in 2009 after a career as a claims adjuster for personal home and commercial insureds. My career has been my passion for many years, especially my time in catastrophe claim work.

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